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Welcome to HONIG-WERNET GmbH

Jürgen Wernet

Originally a pure bee-keeping operation, the honey-bottling company
HONIG-WERNET GmbH founded in 1955. In the course of the last fifty years it has built up a whole range of products for an extensive customer base.
HONIG WERNET GmbH is one of the last german honey-selling companies which has its origin on real bee-keeping business.

All Products of HONIG-WERNET are checked by an independent laboratory before they are approved for production process.

HONIG-WERNET is the only honey-selling company which is fostered by the ministry of agriculture of Baden-Wuerttemberg because of the outstanding quality of our products. For this outstanding quality we have been awarded by the ministry of agriculture in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Since 2004 HONIG-WERNET is certified for filling and processing organic honey and the annual inspections confirm the constancy of the outstanding quality of all our products.

The present-day products cover all of the requirements for our customers,
from the health shop sector, food retailing and the catering sector, right up to industrial customers.

The range extends from select organic products right up to Black Forest honey specialities and environmentally friendly bulk packs for the catering sector.

Environmental consciousness with regard to recyclable packaging is the highest priority for HONIG-WERNET.

We supply high-quality honey specialities at attractive prices.

WERNET HONIG brings colour to the honey shelf.

Our speciality is “variety honeys” which are filled only after undergoing a rigorous process of selection and testing.

WERNET HONIG is natural and pure. All products are subjected to intensive testing by the Institute for Honey Analysis in Bremen.

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